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Optische Filter für die Industrie, Wissenschaft und Medizintechnik

Conversion filters, beam splitters and optical reflectors

Prinz Optics coats glass for measuring, displays, tempering, lighting and many other applications. The glass is used in industry and science as optical filters and reflectors – for example, cold light or splitter mirrors.  Thanks to our know-how and appropriate technologies, we can solve your special lighting problems.

Anti-reflective glass surfaces are essential in laser and measurement technology. Broadband antireflective glass is used for display cabinets and sight glasses. Our semi-transparent mirrors / beam splitters for 3D visualisation and teleprompters are used in image processing.

In medical technology, our heat reflection filters are used whenever the thermal load needs to be reduced in illuminated areas. Defined light properties in surgical lighting and lighting devices for microscopy and endoscopy are achieved using our conversion filters.

UV and colour filters are used in irradiation technology; anti-reflective glass covers are used in laser technology. Certified production processes ensure that the safety requirements for medical technology are fulfilled.

Standardised light generation

Customised filter for use in test devices for light resistance

Heat reflection filter

Nearly all powerful light sources emit superfluous or unwanted frequencies in addition to the required light that subject the illuminated objects to heat. Our IR filter, based on the substrate BOROFLOAT, can be used to remove the unwanted rays in the near-infrared region (NIR) from the light beam:

FILTER TYPE spectral position of Reflection PDF
IR2 870 - 950 nm 17 kB
IR3 850 - 900 nm 17 kB
IR4 800 - 850 nm Filter with higher UV transmission / Sun simulation 17 kB
IR5 800 - 900 nm 17 kB
IR6 1000 - 1100 nm 17 kB
IR7 850 - 900 nm 17 kB

(maximum filter dimensions 1,080 x 800 mm)

Block and reflect UV light

UV light is a problem when it causes damage, e.g. bleaches colours, makes plastics brittle, destroys paintings, provokes skin cancer, etc. It can be reliably blocked using our filters:

Filter type Edge position pdf
UB2-AR  350 ±10 nm     very high transmission in the visible area 17 kB
UB4   400 ±10 nm 17 kB

Filters with blue suppression for discharge lamps prevent, that insects are irresistibly attracted by the night lighting:

Filter type Edge position PDF
UB4-420 400 ±10 nm 17 kB
UB4-440   45 kB
FM Yellow   16 kB

UV light-specific, these types can be used for drying paints and glues:

Filter type Reflection maximum PDF
UR 350-0 Rmax >= 96 % at 350 nm   also available for use below 45° 17 kB
UR 260-0 Rmax >= 93 % at 350 nm 17 kB
URBB   Rmax >= 70 % at 250-350 nm     Broadband reflection 17 kB

Cold light mirror

Another way to reduce the heat received by illuminated objects is to use this filter to reflect the visible light (VIS) while letting through thermal radiation (IR), BOROFLOAT coated:

Filter type Angle of incidence Reflection maximum PDF
KR3 Angle of incidence 0° - 45°  Rmax >= 90% at 420-650 nm 19 kB

Filters with lower reflection/partial reflection or neutral reflection in the VIS are suitable for decorative purposes:

Filter type Reflection maximum PDF
M3 Rmax >= 70% at 450 - 600 nm 16 kB
M1  Rmax >= 40% at 400 - 650 nm 16 kB

AR filter/anti-reflection

We offer anti-reflective coatings on all common substrates in the visible region (VIS 380 - 780 nm) and near-infrared region (NIR 780 - 1,550 nm). They are available as either AR2 for individual wavelengths or as AR4 for wavelength ranges (broadband AR). AR filters are used for displays, for glass cabinets to reduce reflection, and to increase the transmission in protective glass for high-power lamps, diodes and lasers. It is also available for anti-reflection on pipes (6 mm to 300 mm in diameter).

Filter type Reflection maximum PDF
AR2-550 Reflection < 0.5% at 550 nm 12 kB
AR2-1064 Reflection < 0.5% at the selected wavelength 1064 nm 12 kB
AR4 Reflection < 1% for λ= 450 nm - 650 nm 12 kB
AR4-850 Reflection < 1% for λ= 650 nm - 950 nm 12 kB
AR4 350-420 Antireflection in the near-UV range  

Directing and splitting light

In driving and flight simulators and teleprompters, light needs to be split into transmission and reflection as colour neutral (achromatic). The reverse side is anti-reflective to prevent double images. These filter types are available:

Filter type Transmission Reflection pdf
AT80  80±5%   20±5% 16 kB
AT70 70±5% 30±5% 16 kB
AT60 60±5% 40±5% 16 kB
AT50 50±5% 50±5% 16 kB
AT40 40±5% 60±5% 16 kB

The filter AT40 (without anti-reflection on the reverse side) can be used for colour-neutral light attenuation.


Choose from a comprehensive range of filters for every light wavelength, from 250 to 1550 nm, to solve your lighting problems.

These optical standard filters are manufactured by Prinz Optics:

  • Heat reflection filter
  • Cold light mirror
  • Beam splitter
  • Conversion filter
  • UV filter
  • Colour effect filter
  • Anti-reflection coating

We offer a wide range of standard filters, special customised filters manufactured according to your specifications and qualified advice based on partnership and mutual respect.

Technical information

Prinz Optics Whitepaper Optische Filter und Beschichtungen auf Glas

Prinz Optics Whitepaper
optical filters

1 MB
White paper optical coatings for technical applications and lighting

Prinz Optics Whitepaper
optical coatings

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Success Stories

Prinz Optics Optical filters for traffic surveillance

With automatic traffic surveillance, license plates are photographed from a mirror image. PRINZ OPTICS has developed a mirror that reflects only a defined wavelength range and thus prevents unclear ghost images.

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Simmerner Strasse 7
D-55442 Stromberg

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F   + 49 67 24 - 60 19 311

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