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Neue Kollektion "Dichroic" von Sodalime
Collection "Dichroic" by Sodalime
Dichroic Design

New collection by Sodalime

Colour effect glass

for architecture, construction, design, art and illumination

Discover dichroic glass – a colour effect glass that is crystal clear one moment and, at a different perspective and angle of light entry, appears in full colour the next.

Various coatings on clear transparent glass allow nearly every colour in the visible spectrum to be produced. Dichroic glass on the façades of major edifices and design and art objects are now captivating people across the world with its unique play of colour and light. Because of its fascinating ability to generate bright colors from pure light, color effect glass is an inspirational design material for illuminations as well as for light and sculptural glass art. Thanks to its temperature and weather resistances, it is particularly suitable for "art on building" objects.

Application examples

Optical filters

for light technology, medical technology, displays and presentation of goods.

To adapt light to your specific needs, we offer standard products, coatings and tailored solutions in many applications

for generating standardised light in test devices for light resistance, UV paint curing, UVA, UVB and UVC ray blocking, 3D imaging with colour-neutral, semi-transparent mirrors, antireflective coating of protective glass for processing lasers, reducing thermal radiation from Xenon lamps (IR filters), usage of thermal radiation through reflection of the visible light, changing of the colour temperature for example for counters and filtering colors for lighting.

Filter examples